December 1, 2021

How To Enhance Your Own Cyber Security Awareness

As smartphones and the mobile internet increasingly penetrate every aspect of people’s lives, mobile phone payments have begun to explode in popularity. It is becoming increasingly common for people to shop, transfer money, pay by code, pay off credit cards, book tickets and top up their phone bills via mobile phones. The tendency of e banking account creation malaysia seems to be increasing. As a result, problems have emerged.

Mobile payment-related viruses, Trojan horses and other risk factors have increased dramatically and become a very important threat to users’ assets. Spam, nuisance calls, fraudulent scams, malicious chargebacks and privacy access are the most common mobile security hazards encountered by users, and are also widespread among users who have not experienced security hazards. Malware, phishing websites and torrents are also major risks to mobile payments.

The current information security problems in mobile payment are mainly focused on the following two aspects, one is the loss or theft of mobile phones, that is, the wrongdoers steal the victim’s mobile phone, using the mobile payment function to steal the victim’s belongings. The second is the lack of awareness of information security, gullible users trust phishing sites, when the wrongdoers ask themselves to inform each other of sensitive information without vigilance, which leads to the theft of property. After all, mobile phone payment is a new thing, especially through the mobile Internet transactions, security work – must do enough, or smartphones will also be in crisis. 

Security vulnerabilities in mobile phone systems or applications are very important, and almost every time there is a security incident of this kind, hundreds of users’ personal information may be leaked, but users are obviously not concerned about such incidents. Our mobile phones will actually remind you to upgrade your system security patches every once in a while, so when you see such a reminder, move your little finger and upgrade it, and you can also download a mobile phone manager to regularly kill your phone to reduce the problem of your phone being attacked by viruses and then lagging and black screens.

With the development of mobile Internet WiFi has gradually become popular in people’s daily lives, life is not difficult to find many times you go out when you still find a lot of free WiFi, this time we should not go to the connection of it? It’s not a matter of course if it’s safe, but unsafe Wi-Fi can leak users’ personal information, and there is a risk that payment passwords may be stolen when using mobile phones for shopping or making payments, so when we’re not sure if the network is safe, it’s best not to connect. 

Although we usually buy a variety of mobile electronic devices, businesses have given us some good circumvention, but in daily life jailbreak sites are best not to use, the security of the device’s system to pay regular attention in order to better prevent the invasion of viruses, to protect personal information and network data security in this Internet era is very important.