August 28, 2021

Cultivate Good Eating Habits For Your Baby

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Poor eating habits have a great impact on the baby, parents should cultivate good eating habits of the baby from an early age.

Get into the habit of eating regularly from the time your child is born. At this stage, we usually use various products for babies in Malaysia for feeding. After one year old, children should wash their hands before meals, tie on a napkin or bib, and sit at the table to eat. The food should not be too cold or too hot. Be patient when feeding, especially if the baby is just one year old, and feed for up to 30 minutes. By the age of one and a half, you should teach your child to eat by himself. You can let him eat with a spoon. Eat all the food he or she should eat in about 30 minutes. When children start to eat independently, they are happy and willing to eat more, but they will also knock over their bowls or eat food all over the table. Be patient and guide your child.

products for babies malaysia

There are five things you can do to develop your baby’s healthy eating habits.

First, eat on time and don’t snack between meals. It is necessary to eat three meals a day on time for the baby’s nutrition intake and absorption, which is the physiological characteristics of the human digestive system, but if the baby eats too many snacks between two meals, he or she will not eat when eating dinner, which is actually not good for the baby’s nutrition absorption, so it should be avoided as far as possible.

Next, eat a variety of foods, don’t be partial and picky. Different foods will provide different nutrients to the human body. Therefore, food diversity is very important for the full absorption of baby nutrition. It is best to provide the baby with 5 kinds of food containing different nutrients every day. Cultivate the not partial and not picky eating habits of a baby from an early age. We should actively correct the baby’s bad habits of partial or picky eating.

Then, the diet should be light, eat less fried food or high energy food. The total heat energy of a baby in a day is about more than half from food, a sixth from protein, a quarter from oil. If too much intake of fried food and high energy food with sugar, it is easy to make the baby suffer from high blood pressure, obesity, coronary heart disease and other diseases. While fried food is not easy to digest, it is easy to cause the baby’s digestive problems, such as constipation, gastritis and so on.

In addition, eat three meals in moderation. The total energy distribution of three meals a day is 30% for each breakfast and dinner, and 40% for lunch. Breakfast is very important for people’s health. If you don’t eat breakfast or eat too little, it will affect the normal activity of the brain and reduce physical strength. And if you don’t eat much for breakfast and lunch, you will eat too much in the evening, which is not good for the health of the baby, which is likely to cause the baby indigestion.

Finally, when eating, do not let the baby watch TV or play. The best dining environment is quiet, let him or her stay still and eat slowly.

Good eating habits affect a child’s health, and also have a great impact on other aspects of quality in the future.