November 17, 2022

The Best Way To Store Breastmilk in Freezer !

best way to store breastmilk in freezer

Find the best way to store breastmilk in freezer? If you want to keep the breastmilk in the freezer of course you must need a breastmilk storage bag. It will be more arranged if you have this storage bag. Is that the best way to store breastmilk in freezer? You must have a high quality breastmilk storage bag so that it can be used more safely. All vitamins and the good substances in the mom breast milk will be kept in that storage bag. You can arrange it and the milk will not be leaking too if you keep it in the freezer. It is also cleaner because if you use a storage bag you will not touch other things. This is really the best way to store breastmilk in freezer. Most storage bags are made from plastic so if put in the freezer the milk does not stick to the container. 

best way to store breastmilk in freezer

Cannot Keep The Breast Milk That Already Used

Why can’t you keep the breast milk that you already used?  The reason is the milk will already be kept in the freezer so it is already frozen. After that if you want to use it, you need to warm up the breast milk. All the vitamins and substances from milk will be active for baby health. That milk still has all the vitamins at that time and they will get good health with it but if you want to keep that back in the freezer. It is not recommended and not good to keep it back. All the vitamins in that breast milk are not the same like the first time you keep it in the freezer. Better just throw it away, storage bag can be used one time only. 

How Long Can Breast Milk? 


If that milk is fresh you can store it in a storage bag and put it in the refrigerator for four days. It will not last more than that because you will keep it in refrigerator temperature. So usually the mother needs to use it quickly. Mostly mother that keep their breast milk in refrigator because they don’t have many milk so they think it will still able to use it. 

Room temperature

It just lasts for six hours more than the milk cannot be used anymore. Usually mothers keep their breast milk at room temperature when the baby really needs it actually. So they just keep the milk at room temperature to give to the baby. When the dad that forgot to put the milk in the refrigerator so the milk needs to be used quickly. The new mothers must take note of this to avoid making mistakes. 

Insulated cooler

This type is used for a long ride or back to the hometown so the mother will use this as their solution. It is just one of the solutions that can keep the breast milk for a long time. Insulated cooler can last for one day, so mother no need to worry about their breast milk.