December 8, 2021

Does Skill Certified As Important As Degree

The topic of getting a degree certificate is always in debate with those who graduated from school after taking their SPM. But, does it really matter? A certificate? Well, let’s study the facts, don’t talk nonsense without any discussion or matter to be discussed.

What Is A Skills Certificate?

In this context, we use the Malaysia standard of Skill certificate, the Malaysian Skills Certificate.

Malaysian Skills Certification or Sijil Pendidikan Malaysia offers five (5) levels of certification:

  • Malaysian Skills Certificate 1 (SKM Level 1)
  • Malaysian Skills Certificate 2 (SKM Level 2)
  • Malaysian Skills Certificate 3 (SKM Level 3)
  • Malaysian Skills Diploma (DKM) Level 4
  • Malaysian Advanced Diploma in Skills (DLKM) Level 5

You Will Learn Through:

Generally, those who study will study the particular skills of those courses for one to three years (depending on the program) to acquire skills as well as the Malaysian Skills Certificate in their field. Then, the learning skills program consists of 20 or 30% theory and 70 or 80% practical. This is when compared to academic programs, on average students who take a regular degree will learn 70% theory and 30% practical. Sometimes, it is even less than that.

Skill certificate holders are more of an executor rather than sitting down quietly. They are the ones who will perform work in various industries such as manufacturing, plantation, hospitality and so on.

So, what are the advantages of taking a skills certificate?

1. The marketability of skills graduates is higher compared to university graduates (diploma/degree/masters/PhD) while 83.1 percent of College Vocational graduates get jobs in their chosen field within three months of graduation, thus proving that they received recognition from the industry. 

Failure Of Spm Can Generate Income Too

They can generate income of up to RM20,000 per month. It is up to the courses that they take and perform in the industry. 

Technical Skills of Vocational College Student 

Due to the technical skills of MGS holders are in high demand in the industry (especially in certain sectors such as oil & gas (O&G)), it is not impossible for MGS holders to earn more than 5 figures a month, even working with others only.

Malaysian Skills Certificate Is Accepted In Industry And Abroad.

This is feedback from skills graduates who have applied for jobs abroad such as the UAE (Dubai), China (Beijing), Perth (Australia) etc. Although the MQA degree is also recognized in many countries, but I think if compared to the Malaysian National Coat of Arms, it means that our Malaysian Skills Certificate is easier to be accepted/recognized abroad.

Skills Certificate VS Degree Cert

Degree / Bachelor’s Degree

In contrast, the group of degree holders are those whose thinking is more sharply honed/have higher critical thinking skills compared to skills certificate graduates (in general). They are usually decision makers, think and plan all aspects of work carefully (including Acts, Rules & SOPs) and do not carry out tasks without thinking and planning in advance.

In Conclusion

It is up to the person to decide which education path they want to take. They are the one who make the decision and go through that part of life. Another example that is easier to relate to your life right now. In your opinion, frontlines and those who make strategic plans to manage and control the pen. For degree option, take family doctor degree in Malaysia