January 24, 2022

PC Parts And Their Functions

You are looking to get yourself a gaming pc but you are actually a pc noob where you do not know what parts you should get and what is the functionality of each part. Before we dive right into the article, we want to inform you that getting a gaming pc is like an investment. If you have the budget to get the best Omron electronic components in Malaysia, by all means, do so.

Without further adieu, let’s dive right into the article so we can explain to you the pc parts and their functions.

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The computer case is where will hold all components of the pc. Put it in a way it’s the body of the computer. The case comes in different shapes and sizes depending on what kind of build you are going for. Are you building a tower? Or are you building a mini PC? Either way, this piece is built in a way to fit the motherboard, wiring and drives as easy as possible. Besides that, there are also many types of design to choose from. Prices may vary.


The motherboard is the piece of board you see that is screwed inside the computer case. The functionality of the motherboard is to connect the CPU, RAM, Drivers, power supply and many more so that it can communicate and operate together. A wide range of communication options is provided by a decent motherboard. In addition, it has the smallest number of bottlenecks conceivable. In this way, every component is able to perform at its fullest potential, as it was built to.


CPU is also known as Central Processing Unit. It is basically the brain of the computer. It processes the information in the computer and it takes information from the ram and turns it to execute a task needed from the computer. In a nutshell, if there is no CPU, the computer cannot function. Just like humans without a brain.


The function of the ram is to provide fast read and write access. Ram is a volatile memory, meaning that once you turn off your device, all of your stored data is lost. The RAM’s role is to keep the data ready for the CPU to process. The bigger the ram, the faster the computer will process the data.


The graphics card can be referred to as a video card or display card. It processes the data from the motherboard and sends the necessary information to the monitor so that it can be displayed.

Sound card

This piece of device is responsible for producing sound. It is built into the motherboard to produce audio output.

Hard drive

The hard drive is a must. It is a mechanical drive to store all data. Besides storing data, it is used to boot up the operating system to run from it.

Power unit

Last but not least, the power unit/power supply. Computer components are powered by DC voltage from this converter, which transforms AC current from a wall outlet. Without the power supply, you won’t be able to turn on your computer.

best omron electronic components in Malaysia