April 10, 2022

Why Do You Need To Experience Pleasure

Loving your body is no easy thing to do. You compare yourself to others, and what society expects of you. Then, because of this, you begin to feel as though you are not worthy of being loved just because of the way your body looks. However, things are changing for the better and so should you. Society has made women and girls believe that they should look a certain way. This is proved through their portrayal of women in the media. Whether it be advertisements or movies, most women are shown to be perfect in every way or form. They don’t have body hair, they don’t have acne, and they seem to be as thin as they come. These are body expectations that only a certain number of women can achieve. The rest are considered to be odd or bizarre. Because of this, real women, outside of the media, are seen as undesirable or unwanted. They are pushed aside by society, especially if they meet certain extremes of the bizarre. If you have hair in certain places, they expect you to get rid of them. If you are showing some tummy fat, they expect you to shed them off. However, these standards are nearly impossible to meet. You need time, patience and money, most things women tend not to have. Fortunately, things are changing for the better. Women are starting to speak up about their experiences. They are done trying to fit these impossible standards of beauty. Instead, women are starting to love their bodies more. They are beginning to live for themselves, and not for others in their society. At the end of the day, you only live once. Why would you want to spend the rest of your life pleasing someone else? But, loving your body is easier said than done. It takes some time to unlearn what society expects of us. Plus, it is harder when everything around you is reminding you of these impossible standards. So, where do you start? Here are a few ways you can try out, and hopefully you will be able to love your body for what it is. Mirror Exercise First, you can try looking in the mirror. Look at the mirror with your full naked form. Then, write down five things you love about it. It may be hard, because the first thing people do when they look in the mirror is look at their flaws. But, try to focus on the things you love. It can be the smallest things such as the shape of your lips or the length of your eyelashes. Anything would suffice, as long as it is something you love. Do this everyday until you have begun to feel as though you love your body. Do this until you can’t see the flaws any longer. Invest in sex toys Next, you should try using some sex toys. However, this is the step you take after you are familiar with masturbation. Sex toys allow you to understand your body and its desires. When this occurs, you start loving yourself more. You become more comfortable in your own skin. This is especially needed when you are going to participate in sexual intercourse with another person. Ready to buy a sex toy? Check out Secret Cherry best sex toys for girls!

Women, it has been long enough for men alone to experience pleasure. The patriarchy has made society believe that women have no place in the field of sex. Pleasure was once seen from a man’s perspective, but that perspective is now changing with women owing pleasure for themselves. 

Decades ago, a scientist and researcher named Sigmund Freud has dictated that a woman’s pleasure center is insignificant. The clitoris, which is small in size, had assumed to be insignificant because of its size. During that time, many other male researchers had similar thoughts where they would downplay the need for a woman’s pleasure. Of course, this was during the same time where women were seen as inferior to men. So, these male researchers would do anything to keep it that way. 

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However, soon enough, women were done with men and what they assumed of our pleasure. Female researchers and speakers came forward and advocated for women and pleasure. People such as Helen Gurly Brown and Betty Friedan lead the charge of women being able to speak of their bodies, desires and needs. Since then, women have started to take control of their lives as females in a patriarchal society and as human beings deserving of pleasure.

So, as a woman, why do you need to experience pleasure? This statement signifies that you need to experience it without the help of a man, and before meeting the right person for you. Of course, you need to examine your principles beforehand, and come to a point of your life where you need to make a decision. If you have come to a decision that you need to experience pleasure, go for it.

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Experiencing pleasure is not an unusual or weird need. Almost everyone has thought about it. It is the part and parcel of life itself. That is just average and simple pleasure. Women having the right to sexual pleasure without being ashamed has been one of the greatest achievements of the modern era. Therefore, you participating in this journey will make it meaningful. You are participating in an activity that has been fought for by many people. Sexual pleasure allows you to become part of a larger picture. A picture where women have equal rights to men. A picture where women are no longer shunned for their sexual desires and needs. When more women join this movement, they can become stronger as one. 

Plus, there are other benefits as well. For one, you will be able to experience satisfaction like no other. You will be doing this on your own account, so you will not depend on another person. Also, when you do this you can explore your options of obtaining pleasure. You can try out roleplay, and sex toys. Sex toys are built for pleasure, so you will receive maximum satisfaction by using it. Plus, it will help you understand your body better, and allow you to navigate your needs and wants during sexual arousal and intercourse. Want to purchase your first sex toy? Check out women sex toys Secret Cherry Malaysia