November 30, 2021

Ways to Prepare From Zombie Apocalypse

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It’s the end of the world, oh no, it’s the zombie apocalypse season! What can you do to survive from getting hunted by this zombie? 

We chatted with an astrobiologist about the survival science you’ll need if you find yourself confronting the end of the world, or worse, a horde of zombies…

Okay… So, while it’s unlikely to happen, it’s a great way to imagine all the varied abilities we’d need to survive.

Just imagine, for fun. If this apocalypse really happened, where would you go? What will you bring? Who are going with you? 

Check out his top survival recommendations if you find yourself facing the end of the world.

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Know Your Skills and Abilities 

Imagine you’re stranded in a post-apocalyptic environment; how do you stay alive? There are a variety of everyday objects that could come in handy in an emergency.

For example, a fire alarm can be used to start a fire, and a simple plastic bottle can be used to disinfect drinking water. Simply fill your bottle with water and place it in the sun. UV rays from the sun will flow right through the water and eliminate any germs that are present.

You can even create a simple gas-fired stove out of tin cans that is really efficient. It employs the same technology (known as gasification) that was utilised to power cars across Europe during WWII!

Pick a Good Hideout

First and foremost, get out of the cities. Many of us now live in cities because they are convenient and full of shops, yet if civilization collapsed and you had to care for yourself, the city is one of the worst places to be. 

What if there is no electricity, gas, running water, lighting, or heating, and you can’t grow your own food since everything is covered in tarmac? You’ll want to get away to the country! Find a site near a river with clean drinking water and begin studying how to cultivate your own food.

“It would be ideal to see the Lake District. Just be sure you don’t end yourself in the Arctic Circle or in the middle of a desert!”

Repair Your Attic/Roof! 

This is mainly because the zombie could climb up your house and enter through the roof while you are not ready to fight against them. What’s the best you could do? Simply just upgrading your roof or attic will be better than doing nothing. Roof Gutter Malaysia (RGS) has the best metal roof installation right now, so in fact before the apocalypse happens, make sure to install these metal roofs to secure your safety. 

Mobile Phones are Important as your life

Smartphones are smart, so use it while you can to survive at any cost. Our mobile phones are something we all can’t live without these days, yet if civilization collapsed, they’d be useless. 

However, one feature on your phone will continue to function for at least a few months, and that is GPS. Estimated we have about six months of life left in the satellites if they are abandoned, so while you won’t be able to call or ‘tweet’ for help, the map function will continue to work because it relies on satellite signals rather than the mobile phone network and the same goes for your smartphone compass!”