March 8, 2021

Tenancy Options Now Perfect In Batu Caves

To avoid possible problems with your tenants in Batu Caves, it is good to know them in advance. Do not be afraid to ask whether and where a particular applicant is studying or working, how many people the future household will be made up of, and whether smokers or people with pets are among them. In addition, the right tenant should have no problem communicating the planned length of the housing and more detailed information about the previous housing, as well as references from the last landlord. He should also have access to his employment contract.

Paperwork: a fear of all landlords. Or not?

Are you afraid of the dozens of documents you will need to rent an apartment? You don’t have to. Only three “papers” are enough – but they are all the more important. These are the lease contract, the insurance contract and the handover protocol.

Lease agreement, alpha and omega rental

As for the lease, in the case of an unknown tenant in a condo for rent Batu Caves, it is best to conclude it for one year. If you already know and trust the tenant, it is possible and appropriate to conclude a lease agreement for a longer period.

However, owners should be careful when preparing a contract. 90% of landlords download leases from the Internet. But this is the worst possible way of creating a contract, because the models of leases on the Internet are outdated, full of mistakes and illegal provisions.”  The remaining owners usually obtain a lease from law firms or brokers who are connected to them. The price of these leases is $ 5,000.

Which data should definitely not be missing in the lease agreement:

  • The most accurate  determination of the housing unit that is the subject of the tenancy,
  • Lessor and tenant specifications,
  • The amount of rent (recommended, but not necessary information: if the amount of rent is not agreed in the lease agreement, it applies that it is set at the usual amount at the time of concluding the lease agreement).
  • The date by which the rent is payable (the landlord has the right to demand late fees as soon as the tenant is in arrears).
  • Advance payments.
  • any information on the  obligation to establish  household and liability insurance and the deadline by which the tenant must document to the owner the establishment and payment of insurance.

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