January 4, 2023

Science lab equipment Malaysia is very important to know!

chemical storage cabinet Selangor

You need to know what science lab equipment Malaysia is necessary for it to perform properly while setting up a new laboratory or remodeling an existing one. 

What aspect of lab safety is the most important?

Knowing where safety equipment, such as a fire extinguisher, is situated and how to use it are the two most important lab safety rules. There is always a chance of an accident in a lab, despite all safety precautions. Because human error is always conceivable, this is the case.

What personal protection equipment in the lab is most crucial?

When working in a lab, eye and face protection is crucial, and it must be worn if there are any dangers to the eyes or face. Safety glasses and goggles offer protection from impact risks, while chemical splash goggles offer the best defense against chemical splash.

Quality Replacements and Used Lab Equipment

There will surely come a point when you will need to buy replacements. Regardless of how well you’ve executed your daily cleans, performed routine calibration, or even fixed and refurbished older devices.

It can be tempting to choose a model of equipment that is less expensive than what initially appears to be the most cost-effective option. As the saying goes, “buy cheap, pay twice,” this unfortunately creates a false sense of savings. Cheaper equipment frequently has parts that are more prone to damage and wear, which makes them less durable. For this reason, selecting high-quality lab equipment over less expensive options typically delivers improved longevity, especially for equipment that is used frequently.

Consider the following factors

  • It is typically simpler to clean and refurbish high-quality products since high-quality items are typically easier to locate replacement parts for.
  • It could be more cost-effective to hire high-quality equipment if you just need it for a short time or if your budget is severely limited than to buy the less expensive alternatives.

Checklist for keeping lab equipment in good condition

Daily cleaning

To help staff remember which tasks need to be completed on a daily basis. Such as clearing and cleaning countertops, sweeping floors, and sanitizing the lab’s most frequent contact points. Creating a simple lab maintenance checklist is a smart idea.

Verify personal protection equipment.

It is crucial to emphasize that PPE must be kept in good shape. And of high quality before any project can begin. Have your personnel periodically examine all clothing, footwear, gloves, hearing conservation equipment, and eye- and face-protection for any signs of wear and tear.

Make use of the right glass cleaning methods.

The regular cleaning of glassware can be handled by a lab washer-disinfector with hot-air drying capability. Moreover, make sure that your personnel is knowledgeable about the various manual methods and cleaning supplies for glassware items including pipettes, funnels, beakers, and flasks.

Keep emergency stations operational

Maintain emergency eyewash and shower stations in accordance with the established rules. Spend time activating components in each station multiple times per week to guarantee proper operation. Make arrangements for routine station inspections by trained technicians.

Load up on supplies for the sinks

Disinfectant soap dispensers and towels should be easily accessible, and handwashing sinks need to be maintained tidy. To lessen the chance of contamination and backup, the problem must be resolved right away if the sink becomes clogged.