June 29, 2022

Reasons a Business Should Have Good Wifi

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For the majority of organisations nowadays, a reliable Wi-Fi network is essential. Some businesses simply can’t exist without a powerful Wi-Fi, from free Wi-Fi access as a customer incentive in a tiny coffee shop to the core of connecting a big factory that depends on Wi-Fi-connected mobile platforms to conduct operations.

Wi-Fi Safety

Concerning security, having a well built and set up wireless network is helpful. eCommerce is likely the very first thing that springs to mind when you consider network security.  However, not only online retailers are now at risk; practically every company retains private data depending on your interactions with them. If you’re utilising outdated network equipment, it’s not difficult for someone to sit on your network and watch whatever you do or send your private information to other people without your knowledge.

Applications with High Bandwidth Needs

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You utilise a lot of applications as an end user that needs an ongoing internet connection. Every web-based tool or programme you use is an application. Consider programmes like Outlook, One Drive, Google Drive, and Dropbox. These programmes can be bandwidth hogs since they maintain a network connection even while they are running in the background. The strain on bandwidth and potential increase in latency increase as more people connect to these services.

Each user using many gadgets

One person frequently has several devices that need a network connection in the modern era due to the number of gadgets per user. The usual user owns a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, and phone. Each of these devices has a function in daily business, therefore it’s usual for your network to be overrun with connections. Imagine that you have a meeting and it would be inappropriate to bring a desktop computer when a laptop or tablet might be used to present the same information. One explanation for why laptops are now more prevalent than desktops is this.

An ever-expanding number of users on the network

Nowadays, internet access is required for almost all jobs. Every employee in a typical office setting needs a network connection to carry out everyday chores, therefore the more users you have, the more robust your connection needs to be. The requirement to be mobile is expanding as businesses begin integrating more devices into their network. As a result, your network will have an increasing number of connections.

Company Expansion

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A better network will become apparent as your company expands and you strive to do so much more. The network will start to slow down as you add more users, devices, and applications, and you can start to experience problems. A meeting that should have lasted 15 minutes could end up lasting an hour, or you could be trying to access a website to complete work but keep running into network problems. Any moment your network is down, you are losing money. Time is money, as they say, right?

Don’t take risks when it comes to a stable wifi for your business. Time internet Malaysia can give you everything you need and more.