July 4, 2021

The Best Internet with TM UNIFI

Time Fibre

To obtain an Internet package for a second home, know that you have multiple solutions at your disposal. The satellite Internet, for example, is the specialty of the TM UNIFI, which offers the tempo formula for casual use. You can sign up for TM UNIFI internet packages by visiting https://jomapply.com/unifi/

Thus, as part of an Internet package for second homes, you have the possibility to activate your Internet connection at the time that suits you the most, for a minimum period of 24 hours. Activation of the service can be done directly by phone or from the dedicated web page, all in less than 15 minutes.

best internet

The main advantage of this technology is its relatively inexpensive cost (NordNet offers Internet access for second homes for 3 euros per month per month). The downside is perhaps to be found in the price of the reception kit, in particular the satellite dish.

Connection sharing: a good idea for having the Internet in a second home?

  • Did you know that you can use your smartphone or mobile device as a real router? Thus, it becomes possible to share your 3G or 4G connection from your phone to other devices, such as your computer or your tablet.
  • This solution can be very practical when you are on vacation or if you are wondering how to have Internet in a second home during an extended stay. The main problem lies in the connection mode itself. In fact, when you share your mobile data, you are likely to consume your entire 4G envelope, included in your basic telephone plan.
  • To protect yourself from any disappointment on this subject, make sure that connection sharing is indeed included in the contract you have signed.

How to have Internet in a second home: what solution to recommend?

To obtain Internet access in a second home that best suits the nature of your stay, it is still best to accurately determine the average length of your vacation and the amount of your daily Internet use . From there, you will be better able to choose a service and a formula that suits your budget.

In any case, know that the WIFI hotspot solution is probably the most suitable for holidays in a second home, it is a very practical small device, which behaves exactly like a traditional router but much smaller and autonomous. in terms of battery unlike a basic 4G dongle that charges at the same time on your computer’s battery for example.