May 31, 2021

Fiber – retracted fiber cables in the home

Fiber works through a network built up of fiber cables. This means that there must be fiber cables routed to your home. Fiber is a broadband solution that is becoming more and more popular because it is usually the fastest and most stable.

In some cases, the municipality can offer broadband via fiber through a so-called city network. It is owned by the municipality or private actors and enables broadband via fiber. If the fiber network is open, you can choose which operator you want to subscribe to. In closed networks, however, you must select one of the available operators.

Other options – for you without ADSL or fiber

ADSL and fiber are the most common ways to get broadband and usually also the fastest and most affordable. In sparsely populated areas, it may be that neither ADSL nor fiber are possible alternatives. In such cases, there are some other possibilities.

Socket for cable TV. In some cases, it is possible to get tm package unifi broadband through the cable TV socket. The capacity for broadband via cable TV can vary. However, it can be an alternative if it is not possible to get broadband via ADSL or fiber.

Satellite dish and satellite. Satellite dish and satellite are an option wherever you live. However, this is quite unusual and often quite expensive. If no other connection works, it is of course an option, but it may be better to pull fiber.

Electricity network. Some electricity companies can offer broadband via the electricity grid. To find out if it is possible to get broadband via the electricity network in your home, you can contact your electricity company. This is an unusual option, and there are usually better options with other connections.

There are, of course, pros and cons to the different options. Apart from the fact that not all options are available to everyone, it can also vary in price and speed.

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