April 1, 2021

The Importance Of Web Design

Generating an image is important for companies to become recognizable by the general public. There are many strategies to make yourself more noticeable to the public, there is one important aspect that every company must have and that is a website. Having a website allows companies to update their products and services online to inform their consumers about the availability of the product while offering online delivery services. Additionally, a website provides necessary information that would allow their visitors to contact them and learn more about their history. However, some websites do not do well because in most cases they would have inexperienced designers to create a website that is unattractive and chases off potential clients and consumers. 

The importance of a website design malaysia is to be as eye-pleasing and attractive as possible while providing the necessary information on their homepage to make visitors come back to their website just as comfortably as their first visit. No one likes to visit a website bombarded with unreadable texts or “minimalistic” pages that provides little to no information or tabs that would navigate them to their desired pages. Facebook is a great example on how to not create a web design. With the implementation of its new design, it went with a more minimalistic and modernized look. However, the resolution feels large and claustrophobic which has caused a massive outrage among Facebook users as they demanded the old design back. Web designers are core members in a company as they would not only help in developing their company’s website, but to also troubleshoot and update the website whenever is necessary. 

As more social media are developed and become popular among users, other social media follow trends by creating similar features to provide more features for their users to play around with. However, most social media like Facebook, Youtube and Instagram share a common feature that makes it feel unoriginal. One of the most common features that was recently added into these social media platforms is the story function, which allows users to post pictures or short videos with customized badges and emotes that fit the content of the images or videos. This originally came from Instagram who was the first social media platform to implement the story feature and other social medias followed and created their own story.

Although it is not forbidden to follow what’s trending on social media, it is important to create a unique function that would make you stand out from the rest by adding your own twist to the mainstream features. Youtube has now become a weird mix of a video streaming and social media platform as it allows channels to post images, stories and statuses that could be easily missed by their fans which makes the feature useless in some cases and other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook could do better instead since that what they are designed for.

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