April 26, 2021

Technology Advancement For Construction

In this modern era, we would witness many construction in almost every corner in an urban area; shopping malls, residential areas, condominiums and many more. Thanks to our modern technology, construction companies are able to create some of the most marvelous structures we’ve ever seen, including the tallest skyscraper in the world, Burj Khalifa, which stands at 829.8 meters and has remained uncontested since 2009. But, do you know there are many things that happen behind the scene to make our buildings incredible? 

The chemical supplier malaysia are in charge of supplying construction companies with the necessary products to construct buildings. One of the most obvious, but more important parts of construction is concrete as they play a major role in construction for obvious reasons. Although concrete can be easily thought of as something hard to mold and hold a building’s shape, there are different types of concrete that the construction companies must consider that would suit their projects the most. Plain concrete is the earliest and most commonly used concrete, it is significantly weaker and less durable than the other types of concrete, therefore making it unusable to create modernized buildings. High density concrete is able to withstand radiation and x-ray, which is used for building nuclear power plants or other buildings to block out radiation and x-ray. On the other hand, polymer concrete is used by most constructions in urban areas as it boasts higher durability and is able to bond well with concrete and metal surfaces.

Additionally, paint can also play an important role to help buildings to withstand certain weather and improve their durability without sacrificing style and aesthetics. Aluminium paints are one of the most used paints for construction as it provides plenty of benefits that will provide additional resistance such as waterproof, corrosion, electricity and weathering, which is most commonly found in industrial buildings. Anti-corrosive paints are also one of the many paints used to help our structure withstand weathering. However, this type of paint is commonly used in important metallic structures such as metal bridges, pipe and other structures that are easily prone to corrosion. Because of its importance, it is extremely cheaper than the other paints and lasts longer.

Overall, the advancement of technology has allowed us to create more advanced products. Despite that, there are some architecture firms such as Kuma Kengo & Associates who specialize in creating wood-only structures to revive the traditional methods of Japanese construction. One of their most popular projects is the Yusuhara Wooden Bridge Museum which acts as both a bridge to, in a literal sense, bridge the gap between two public buildings while acting as a museum for tourists. Many of these creative architect firms are breaking the social norms of how a structure should be built and are able to display some of the most eye-pleasing structures that we see today.

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