January 26, 2021

How Hotels Do Marketing


Hotels are found everywhere around the world and are great during vacations and trips, especially when we go overseas or to different countries. There are many types of hotels you can find with different themes and privileges. The best ones are the ones who normally could offer more promotions or deals to their customers such as for breakfast buffet, or an upgrade for a better room with nice views. But even the ones who do not offer any promotions or deals get a lot of customers even not during the public holidays. How do these hotels are able to get this extent?

I think one of the reasons is because of how they do it and one of the ways they do it is by hiring a website developer to market their businesses or hotels. Website is very crucial to get a mass target. Normally website developers will create a website based on your preferences and if there is anything they feel like there is something that is required to be put on the website for good purposes, they will usually discuss it with you because they would not like the things you do not want. Also, if you and your hotel are located in Penang and you would like to have your website created, you can always hire a web developer Penang for the best website development and design compared to other hotel websites in Penang. Hiring a website developer, you might be able to find out more about the importance of website development.

Other than that, a lot of hotels have already signed up with mobile applications such as Booking.com, Agoda, Trivago, and etc. These mobile applications are developed to help these hotels ranked better and users are able to make their choices based on any mobile applications they prefer. Some of these mobile applications offer different deals and promotions, some are better than others. For example, you can get a lot of cashback from Agoda when you make hotel bookings through Agoda. The amount of cashback depends on how much you spent on the hotels as well. Getting this cashback, can save for some period of time in your Agoda account, and you can use it back during your next hotel booking. People love using Agoda for those kinds of loyalty programs. Meanwhile, Booking.com offers a lot more luxurious and top hotels. Hence, if you are looking for a really good luxurious hotel, Booking.com is for you. 

In summary, these are the new digital ways of marketing that the hotels do. I am sure you can find other ways that benefit your company, especially in the future. You can hire yourself someone with expertise and skills to do it and maybe they can create a good platform to market your business. Hiring someone, you can get them to give advice, suggestions, recommendations, and etc. to create more traffic, and attract more people to acknowledge the existence of your company or hotel’s name. In due time, once you have the knowledge, you can do everything without having someone to do it for you.

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