December 13, 2020

Homeless people in Malaysia

Malaysia has always struggled with homeless people for so many years. You can find more homeless people if you go to certain places in Kuala Lumpur because these people are just people who simply cannot afford to buy or even rent a house. It is not as if they asked for it but certain circumstances just drove them to make that decision. Here are three reasons why there are many homeless people in Malaysia. 

1 – Low level of education 

When someone has a low level of education, the probability of someone being employed is low. For instance, someone with only an SPM background would not have the same job opportunity as someone who has a degree. Nowadays because there are so many people that have tertiary education, the opportunity of someone with an SPM to find work is incredibly thin. Some employers would not even entertain your resume if your highest education level is SPM. When you have difficulty finding a job, you would be unemployed and when you are unemployed, you cannot afford anything, much less a house. Thus, it is inevitable for people with a low level of education to be homeless because their employability is very low. 

2 – Lack of understanding from the society

Society truly look down on homeless people. People should destroy the stereotypes towards homeless people where they believe homeless people to be bad and they deserve being homeless. There is also the stereotype that homeless people live an easy life because they can rely on the generosity of other kind citizens to give them basic daily necessities. The society also believe that even if we try to help them, they cannot change because it is something that are imbedded within them and they are not capable of changing. These stereotypes do not even give a chance for the homeless people to prove themselves that they are capable of changing. If we just give them a chance and help open a path for them to get a job, it is possible that they would one day become even more successful than us. Lending a helping hand once, may impact someone’s life for the rest of their life. 

3 – Addictions 

Certain people may get involved in a drug addiction or thieving and because of that they are probably sent to jail for their crimes. Then after serving their jail time, they come out with no one to giving them the opportunity to re-start their life. They become homeless because people avoid them due to the fact that they are ex-convicts. Then as they become homeless, they get back to their old addiction. For drug addiction, they need money to buy drugs so they would start to steal money to get the drugs. So, this is one vicious cycle that these people cannot come out from if you don’t try to give them a chance. If the society would be more understanding, then these people would find enough hope to actually make a change in their life. 

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