November 22, 2020

What are the risks of scuba diving?

Scuba diving is indeed a fun and adventurous activity that everyone can do. People do scuba diving to explore the new and unexplored territory in the sea or to do research about marine life. There also some people that do scuba diving just for fun and as a hobby for them. But scuba diving can be dangerous if we do not take any safety precautions and it might lead to someone’s death. For your own safety, it is better to take diving classes Malaysia before you go scuba diving. There are several risks that might happen when you go scuba diving.

The first risk is drowning. Drowning is one of the main risks that might happen during the scuba diving session. It happens when someone loses control of their breath while they are still in the water and they fail to catch their breath. This happens when the divers are having a panic attack and their heartbeat becomes faster and makes them hard to breath properly. To prevent this from happening, divers should have proper scuba diving training or have a professional diver to supervise you when you scuba diving.

The following risk is scuba equipment malfunctions. This risk is not really common but it might happen when the scuba equipment that is being used is not checked thoroughly before using it. There are some divers that can afford to buy the equipment for themselves but they rent it instead. Rental scuba equipment might be old and have been used many times by many divers. So, it is better to check your scuba equipment thoroughly before you go scuba diving. In addition, scuba equipment malfunctions can be the cause of a panic attack. So, we have to avoid it from happening.

Another risk that might happen when scuba diving is an attack from marine life. Usually, the marine life is not dangerous to the divers. However, they might get aggressive and initiate an attack on the divers when they feel threatened or they feel an uneasy and unfamiliar presence coming near them. It is better to keep the distance between them to not make them feel uneasy with our presence. And also, try not to harm the creatures. We must treat them with respect because we are on their territory. 

The next risk is decompression sickness where nitrogen gases get into your body tissues by the high pressure at a certain depth of the sea. These gases will form into bubbles as the divers go up to the surface of the sea. The decompression sickness will make you feel pain in your body muscles and having difficulty to breathe. These usually do not bring harm to the divers but when divers swim up to the surface very quickly, it may cause some serious damage such as tissue or muscle damage or even worse, paralysis, and even death because of the bubbles went into the brain. 

In conclusion, these are the common risks that happen during the scuba diving session. Scuba diving can be a dangerous activity so it is better to take safety precautions before doing it. And for the beginner divers, go take a diving class to have a basic knowledge and skills in scuba diving to avoid any dangerous thing that might happen.