November 15, 2020

Becoming a professional gamers

Not everyone has the ability to be a professional gamer. One has to sacrifice their time for practice in order to prevent them from losing in a tournament. You will have to sacrifice your time, especially with your own family. It seems like a bad thing. You will stay in your room for a long period of time for training and there is a lot of news out there that someone dies because they stay in their room for two to three days playing games without eating at all. You have to manage your own time in preventing yourself to be like that. Becoming a professional gaming player will make you famous in gaming society and it also will make you get a worth amount of money if you win in a certain tournament and it can reach two hundred thousand Ringgit Malaysia. We also have to know about the best game developers Malaysia. Game developers out there, especially in Malaysia, always try their best in developing a quite fun game and everyone can compete in it. If you have the intention to become a professional gamer, you must not only sacrifice your own self but also have a strong mentality.

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One must sacrifice their time in order to become a professional gamer. You need to sacrifice all of your time in order to practice and training. You also have to find a friend that is also playing a game in order to create a gaming environment. You can’t ever be doing that by yourself. You also have to go out of your comfort zone in order to train your mind and your body to be strong enough to be a professional game player. You also need permission from your parents if you want to be a professional game player because not everyone will understand your will. You will need a slow talk and discuss with your family because it did not discuss this matter with your family, it will affect your performance in gaming. Your mental health also important and you need to take care of it while you play the game. You also need to train your mind to be strong enough to handle any losses in any tournament. You need to understand that every single time you join or entering a tournament, you can win it. Sometimes you will meet a strong opponent and lose. That is the moment your mentality will be tested. If you are strong enough to handle yourself in those moments, you will not giving up and will try to make yourself become better in the future. Everyone will go through the loss in the tournament and that is the moment you will decide either want to stop or continue your effort to be a professional game player. 

Last but not least, you will have to try everything to train yourself to be a professional game player and try everything to train your mind to have a strong mentality in order to prevent yourself from giving up on yourself.