October 23, 2020

Suggestions for strategic school Website Development

In recent years, many countries such as Malaysia, Japan, England, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, and the US have implemented educational reforms aimed at giving more autonomy to schools while demanding more accountability. An important tool for strategic planning and marketing for school development plans are found here on this website. Interestingly, the school website is not found in the educational strategy and marketing literature which mentions tools such as public relations, open nights, parent meetings, press news, brochures, and prospectus packages. However, school website technology has some features that make it an excellent platform to support school accountability. In this article, we will provide some suggestions for the development of the school website and where one can find the best web design service in Penang to create his educational website. 

These include different forms of presentation such as pictures, movies, text, music, animation; Simple methods for changing and updating content; Easy links and links to global communications via the World Wide Web; large storage space for large quantities of materials, publications, and databases; and possible access anywhere and anytime. The school website allows schools to reconstruct their local identities in the eyes of the observers. Therefore, to use the school’s website as part of its strategic plan, we recommend that the school perform the following five tasks: Integrate the website as part of its strategic plan. Integrating the school website into the school’s strategic plan as part of the marketing mix will improve the school’s ability to position itself, give better control over “word of mouth” communication, and build a strong reputation.

Opening up more pages without anything or leaving it as a one-time effort with the “last update” a few years ago left a very bad impression. Strategic plans that include various elements such as market research, target market segmentation, school positioning, and promotion can provide better contributions by using the school website. However, the school website contributes to the image of the school and its accountability efforts, whether the staff is aware of it or not. Therefore, learning about the capabilities of the website can only enhance the ability of staff to utilize the website for their strategic needs, knowing what the impact is on potential visitors and customers. To increase website sensitivity, we recommend that you provide a symbolic category in the open section of the school website where usernames and passwords are not required. Schools need to demonstrate their success to ensure the accountability and legitimacy of the environment and available resources.

Therefore, sections such as goal achievement, innovative and unique programs, information for parents, notifications about school goals and tasks, and information on excellence, awards, and social events are a necessity. The main idea is to show that school is a good place to learn and follow the expectations of the environment. This does not mean that the technical part which is mainly related to teaching and learning activities is not important Of course, but for school needs. While the absence of teaching activities in the open section of the website does not endanger the school, the presentation may jeopardize school autonomy and increase criticism. Jumix design can help you design your website as they are the best website design company in Penang. Head on here to to read more on web design Penang.