October 12, 2020

Absent Parents Impact On Teens

Parents are a crucial part of a children’s life to help develop their development. They are also the first educators a child learns from that comes before teachers hence their responsibilities does not only limit from providing shelter, providing food and so on.

Without key factors as such, it can terribly impact their children’s behavioral problems that can be severe if it elongates. This also can be seen that most teens that are involved in criminal activities are often from an unstable household.

Many tend to look past these troubled teens with behavioural problems and how it affects them and the society as a whole. Nevertheless, what are the severe impacts of either one of a parent being absent towards teenagers behavioral and attitude matter?

  •  Being Hostile

In a normal household, a child is normally nurtured with warmth and comfort given by their parents. Teens deprived of this affection when one or both of the parents are absent from being with them which where it’ll make them realise that they have nobody to rely on and no one to support them. 

This will also lead them to being vulnerable in terms of behaviour, hence in order to mask the vulnerability they will resort to being more aggressive and hostile towards people around them in order to stop them being a victim.

This is often to shield them from being a target to others especially bullies in school thus making it priority to being aggressive beforehand.

  • Weak Academic Performance

A normal and healthy family structure and practices is vital to a teen’s positive impact on their academics. One of our needs in life is encouragement and parents are the one responsible for it, especially fathers, in order for them to truly excel in school.

This is because encouragement will heighten their desire to perform better at school and stay motivated due to the need to make their parents proud. Whereas, absent parents will make teenagers lose their motive to excel in their studies therefore making them care less about their academics which unfortunately for some would lead them down the rabbit hole, where they would become involved in websites like Regal88.

  • Gambling & Substance Abuse

Most of the parents who struggle with substance abuse whether alcohol or drugs are more prone to abandon their child’s needs and safety. They would usually sign up to this kind of websites to play more and ignore their children.

With no desire to care for their children, most of them will grow up copying and learning the behaviours from their parents. There is also a higher risk of people who will be exposed to abuse such as alcohol, drugs and even mobile casino malaysia if the parents struggle with gambling addiction. 

Since they received little to none care and supervision, their path to these horrible acts are quite easier than children from normal households.

  • Pregnancy 

Few studies have discovered that girls who have absent fathers in their lives are more prone to get pregnant. 

The normal discovery would suggest that it is related to stress, whereby they are yearning to engage in sexual intercourse earlier than the appropriate age. 

Due to the father being absent, the stress for the younger girls is constant due to the household income not being enough hence why they would want to pass their genes during the tough times. 

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