September 17, 2019

Why a Family Portrait is a Must

Why a Family Portrait is a Must

Once you will have your own family, it will automatically become your focus. Yes, this is not taught in school but it is instinct for every parent to become a pro in parenthood. There is no need to study this and that as because of the love to their family, taking care and making them their priorities is automatic. As much as possible, you want to document every day the events concerning your family. You want to have something to look back and at the same time, you also want to brag to everyone what beautiful family you have!

Yes, this is just one of the reasons why you will hardly miss family portraits when you visit the homes of your friends and relatives. In fact, I am pretty sure it is one of the first things one will notice as a family portrait is usually hanged adjacent to the main door. That is how every family gives importance to their family. Here are more reasons to have a family portrait if you still don’t have one:

• To create memories

We can’t really tell until when we will be living with each of the member of the family. A lot of things can happen that can lead to early separation like when one suddenly gets married or one gets sick and so on. So, while everyone is still around, while they are still there making you happy, you should start creating memories and documenting important events, not just a family portrait actually. This way, once they start leaving you, you won’t miss them that much as you can still see them through the pictures.

• For the future generations

Each of us will be gone in this world one way or another and new generations will take over. There will be times when there is no one to introduce their great relatives. Their questions should be answered through the pictures. Yes, and not only that, the said picture will also be their only tool to introduce to their future kids their great grandparents.

• For documentation

If you love your family so much, you surely want to treasure every moment. This is why you can take the family portrait every year and after some time, you will surely have a lot of fun checking them out. You will be able to see how your kids grow and be proud how you raise them.

• While they are still around

As mentioned, you can never tell until when you can still be together. As we cannot foretell what will happen in the future, it is best to cherish them while you still can. At the same time, it would be great to have pictures with them for you to look back once they are not with you any longer.

When it the best time to take family portraits? And why you should hire a pro for this?

1. To celebrate milestones

Yes, when something good happens like a member of the family is graduating, we usually have a family picture taken with the celebrant. At the same time, when one is accepted in a great company or maybe he received some awards, a family picture usually follows. This is actually a typical activity by families like when there is a wedding, an anniversary celebration, birthdays and more.

2. When one is dying

This might be a sad occasion, but we can’t help but huggle together to comfort each other. We usually have a family portrait taken in front of the coffin. In fact, this is the time where relatives from the other side of the world come together to mourn of the lost loved one. A picture taking session will usually happen as part of the practice.

3. When every member of the family is present

As each member of the family starts to look for the place under the sun, they sometimes end up in a place far from their homes. However, there are times when they will be together again like during the long holidays or if someone is celebrating something special. At times like that, you can expect that they will take the opportunity to have a family picture knowing that it will take a long time before they will have the same chance.

4. When someone is coming back home after a long time

Yes, if you have a family member that is living in the other side of the globe and he suddenly visits, such opportunity for a new picture with him will not be skipped for sure. Especially these days where almost everything is posted online, it will be strange if there is no family picture at this time. In fact, this is the time to take pictures with the rest of the relatives and not just with the immediate family members.

5. Before a family member leaves home

When one needs to leave home for a long period of time like maybe because he is going to study abroad or he will be working there, a family picture is inevitable. Yes, this is usually what every family will do to commemorate his last days with him. This is also to remember how he look before he leaves and for the rest of the family members to see the picture every time they miss him which also goes the same with the one who is leaving.

6. Update the family portrait

Usually, a family will have a family portrait right away when they have their first child. However, when the second child comes, they need to update the family portrait as it is incomplete already. In fact, this can happen every time there is a new family member or when they already grow up.

7. It is undeniably fun

Yes, when the parents will call out each of his child to have a family picture, you can be assured that they will feel thrilled right away. Even if they already have their respective families, the thrill of being together again will still be obvious. In fact, this is something they will always look forward to. They might even doll up properly just for the occasion.

8. A great decor

Instead if buying a kind of painting or wall art to enhance the look of your place, a family portrait should do the trick. This will even make your place look elegant and expensive. In fact, this is not just best for your home, it is also a great decor for your office as well! This is why most homes and offices these days have at least a portrait hanging on one of their walls.

9. This can be considered as an investment

This is so true as if you will just let an amateur do the family portrait, you can be sure that the result is not as what you expect. You will not be that proud to hang the portrait on one of your walls or in your office. However, with a professional photographer, the result is expected to be awesome and with high quality at that. This can even last a lifetime and will be inherited by the future generation.

So why should you choose a professional photographer?

  • A professional photographer can save you a lot of time. You see, he is already used to taking family picture and he knows what to do like your positions and so on. Well, this does not mean though that you don’t have your own say. As a professional, he will also listen to his client. He will just take the reign if you will ask him too. But at the end of the day, you are still the boss and he is well aware of that. And his goal is to do what you want.
  • He is quite experienced. Well, of course there are also new professional photographers, thus it is up to you to ensure that you end up with one who has been in this industry for some time already. This means they are past the trial and error phase. They already know how to make the shots awesome and how to ensure that you will get the result you expect.
  • You will have peace of mind if you hire a professional photographer. The reason is because you will see his portfolio before you hire him. He will have a lot to show actually and he will love doing it. This is the time when he can show off everything he prepared. The thing is, every photographer aims for his client to advertise him and checking his portfolio is a good way to convince a possible client. After all, this is where his best work are kept.
  • And lastly, he will always come on time. That is right as they don’t want to disappoint their clients. In fact, you can be assured that he comes ready. There is no need to worry that something might happen and the picture taking will be canceled as that will not be the case with the professionals. When they say yes, then it is a yes!
  • Without a doubt, a family portrait is quite important and this is why, if you are planning to have one, you should not be tempted to let an amateur do the deed. He will just be wasting your time and you can even tell him off as he is a relative. For the best result, you should right away hire the right person like a professional photographer. He is the only one that can produce a family portrait that is worthy of a spot in any of your four walls!