September 13, 2019

Don’t Use Synthetic Fertilisers

Synthetic Fertilisers

Don’t Use It!

By reading the title of this article, have you ever wondered why you should not use synthetic fertilisers? The answer to this question is CHEMICAL, CHEMICAL, CHEMICAL! Yes, you heard that right! I do not know how much I should emphasis than mentioned it three times. Okay, let’s get into the details! Synthetic or inorganic fertilisers usually contain chemicals that could speed up the process of a plant’s growth. However, once the fertiliser dissolved and reached the bottom of the plant, then it would be a problem for the plant’s roots. Again, why? It is because of the chemical that it contains.

That is not the only problem with inorganic fertilisers. Another problem is that the chemicals in the inorganic fertilisers have the ability to destroy the good nutrients and microorganisms in the soil. The rich nutrients and microorganisms are very useful for the plants to grow. It is also a source of beneficial natural nutrients that a plant needs. If the fertiliser has the ability to do so then imagine what it could do to the plant’s root? Definitely, it will burn the roots eventually the plant will die. This is why palm oil fertiliser manufacture to making sure you buy palm tree fertiliser in Malaysia that produces naturally.

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Other than that, it will cause pollution to the environment subtly. How does that happen? Well, the moment it rains heavily the fertiliser that you sprinkled on your plant will get dissolved with rainwater. The toxin of the fertiliser will remain in the water. As it flows to the drainage and ended up in the river or lake. The same water will be recycled and send it to our tap. If and only if the filtration was not done properly then you will be consuming the intoxicated water. Thank God, we have the sewerage companies.

Lastly, imagine another scene where the rainwater were harvested in the pothole and animals namely dog and cat go and drink the water. It will bring so much harm to them too.

So do it in the right way!